Our Bird Species

This is Kessie, and American Kestrel whose nestmates were killed in a fall. Kessie was cared for and re-introduced back out to join her parents once she was strong and had learned to hunt live prey and fly.

Since establishing our ponds in 2007 and creating more protected wetlands and Species At Risk habitat, more flora and fauna settle into a safe sanctuary here to raise their young. Notice all the birds in bold that weren’t seen in Kawarthas but made their way to Wholearth Farmstudio to settle. Exciting to see what 2024 will bring!

Compare 2023 City of Kawartha Lakes Annual bird list, with Wholearth Farmstudio sightings in BOLD.

The status of each species in the County are as follows:

VR: species has only been recorded a few times during migration (observations should be reported to the rare birds committee)

R: species not likely to be observed unless birding in suitable habitat during proper season and at right time of day, repeated visits may be necessary

U: species may be observed if birding in suitable habitat in proper season

C: likely to be seen if birding in suitable habitat 

VC: likely to be seen everyday, widespread and abundant

2023 Wholearth Farmstudio Bird List in BOLD

O Red-throated LoonR
O Common Loon*CCCR
O Pied-billed Grebe*UUR
O Horned GrebeRRRR
O Red-necked GrebeRR
O Great Crested  Grebe*
O American White PelicanVR
O Double-crested Cormorant*UUU
Herons and Bitterns
O American Bittern*RRR
O Least Bittern*RRR
O Great-blue Heron*CVCCR
O Great EgretVRVR
O Cattle EgretVRVR
O Green Heron*UCU
O Black-crowned Night-HeronRR
O Snowy Egret
O Turkey Vulture*VCVCVCVR
O Black VultureVR
O Glossy IbisVR
Ducks, Geese and Swans
O Snow GooseVRVR
O Canada Goose*VCVCVCU
O BrantVRR
O Mute SwanRRRVR
O Trumpeter Swan*RRR
O Tundra SwanVR
O Wood Duck*UUUVR
O Gadwall*URUVR
O Eurasian WigeonVR
O American WigeonUVRU
O American Black Duck*URUU
O Blue-winged Teal*UUU
O Northern Shoveller*URU
O Northern Pintail*URU
O Green-winged TealCC
O CanvasbackRR
O RedheadUR
O Ring-necked Duck*CRUVR
O Greater ScaupVCVCR
O Lesser ScaupUR
O Surf ScoterRR
O White-winged ScoterRR
O OldsquawVRVR
O BuffleheadVCVCR
O Common GoldeneyeUU
O Hooded Merganser*UR
O Common Merganser*VCRVCR
O Red-breasted MerganserUU
O Ruddy Duck*UR
Hawks, Eagles
O Osprey*VCVCC
O Bald Eagle*RRRR
O Northern Harrier*CCCR
O Sharp-shinned Hawk*UUUU
O Cooper’s Hawk*UUUU
O Northern Goshawk*RRRR
O Red-shouldered Hawk*UUUVR
O Broad-winged Hawk*UUU
O Red-Tailed Hawk*VCVCVCVC
O Rough-legged HawkRRR
O Golden EagleVR
Caracaras and Falcons
O American Kestrel*VCVCVCR
O Merlin*URUVR
O GyrfalconVR
O Peregrine FalconRRVR
Partridges, Grouse, and Turkeys
O Ring-necked Pheasant*RRRR
O Ruffed GrouseCCCU
O Wild Turkey*CCCC
Rails, Gallinules and Coots
O Yellow Rail*RR
O Virginia Rail*UUU
O Sora*UUU
O Common Moorhen*UUU
O American Coot*URR
O Sandhill Crane*UUU
O Black-bellied PloverUU
O American Golden-PloverRR
O Semipalmated PloverRU
O Killdeer*VCVCVC
Sandpipers and Phalaropes
O Greater YellowlegsUUU
O Lesser YellowlegsCUC
O Solitary SandpiperRRR
O WilletVRVR
O Spotted Sandpiper*CCC
O Upland SandpiperCCC
O WhimbrelVRR
O Ruddy TurnstoneRR
O Red KnotRRR
O SanderlingRR
O Semipalmated SandpiperUU
O Least SandpiperURU
O White-rumped SandpiperRRR
O Baird’s SandpiperRRR
O Pectoral SandpiperURU
O DunlinURU
O Stilt SandpiperRRR
O Short-billed DowitcherURU
O Wilson’s Snipe*CCC
O American Woodcock*UUU
O Wilson’s Phalarope*RVRR
O Red-necked PhalaropeVR
Gulls and Terns
O Bonaparte’s GullUUR
O Ring-billed Gull*VCVCVCC
O Herring Gull*CCCC
O Lesser Black-backed GullVR
O Iceland GullRR
O Glaucous GullRR
O Great black-backed GullURUR
O Caspian Tern*UUU
O Common Tern*UUU
O Black Tern*UUU
Pigeons and Doves
O Rock Pigeon*VCVCVCVC
O Mourning Dove*VCVCVCVC
Cuckoos and Ani’s
O Black-billed Cuckoo*RUR
O Yellow-billed Cuckoo*RRR
Typical Owls
O Eastern Screech Owl*RRRR
O Great-horned Owl*URRU
O Snowy OwlRR
O Northern Hawk OwlVRVR
O Barred Owl*UURR
O Great-gray OwlRRRR
O Long-eared Owl*RRRR
O Short-eared Owl*RRRR
O Boreal OwlVRVR
O Northern Saw-whet Owl*VRVR
O Common Nighthawk*UUR
O Whip-poor-will*RUR

O Chimney Swift*CCC
O Ruby-throated Hummingbird*CCC

O Belted Kingfisher*CCCR
O Red-headed Woodpecker*RRRVR
O Red-bellied Woodpecker*VRVRVRVR
O Yellow-bellied Sapsucker*CVCCVR
O Downy Woodpecker*VCCCC
O Hairy Woodpecker*CCCC
O Black-backed Woodpecker*VRRVRVR
O Northern Flicker*VCVCCVR
O Pileated Woodpecker*UUUU
Tyrant Flycatchers
O Olive-sided Flycatcher*RRR
O Eastern Wood-Pewee*CCC
O Yellow-bellied Flycatcher*RRR
O Alder Flycatcher*UUU
O Willow Flycatcher*UUU
O Least Flycatcher*CCU
O Eastern Phoebe*CCC
O Great-crested Flycatcher*CCC
O Eastern Kingbird*CVCC
O Loggerhead Shrike*RRR
O Northern ShrikeRRR
O Yellow-throated Vireo*RRR
O Blue-headed Vireo*RRR
O Warbling Vireo*CCC
O Philadelphia Vireo*VRVR
O Red-eyed Vireo*VCVCC
Crows and Jays
O Gray Jay*RRRR
O American Crow*VCVCVCVC
O Common Raven*CCCC
O Horned Lark*CCCR
O Purple Martin*UUU
O Tree Swallow*VCVCVC
O Northern Rough-winged Swallow*UUU
O Bank Swallow*CVCVC
O Cliff Swallow*UUU
O Barn Swallow*VCVCVC
Chickadees and TitmiceVCVCVCVC
O Black-capped Chickadee*VCVCVCVC
O Red-breasted Nuthatch*VCVCVCVC
O White-breasted Nuthatch*VCVCVCVC
O Brown Creeper*CUUR
O Carolina Wren*VRVR
O House Wren*CVCC
O Winter Wren*CCU
O Sedge Wren*UUU
O Marsh Wren*UUU
O Golden-crowned Kinglet*VCRCR
O Ruby-crowned Kinglet*VCRC
O Blue-gray GnatcatcherVRVR
O Eastern Bluebird*CCCR
O Veery*UUU
O Gray-cheeked ThrushRR
O Swainson’s Thrush*URU
O Hermit Thrush*URU
O Wood Thrush*CCU
O American Robin*VCVCVCU
O Varied ThrushVRVR
Mockingbirds and Thrashers
O Gray Catbird*CCC
O Northern Mockingbird*RRR
O Brown Thrasher*UUU
O European Starling*VCVCVCVC
O American PipitUU
O Bohemian WaxwingRR
O Cedar Waxwing*CVCVCU
O Blue-winged Warbler*RRR
O Golden-winged Warbler*RRR
O Tennessee WarblerVRVR
O Orange-crowned WarblerRR
O Nashville Warbler*CCC
O Northern Parula*RRR
O Yellow Warbler*VCVCVC
O Chesnut-sided Warbler*CCC
O Magnolia Warbler*URR
O Cape May WarblerRR
O Black-throated Blue Warbler*URU
O Yellow-rumped Warbler*VCCCVR
O Black-throated Green Warbler*CCC
O Blackburnian Warbler*UUU
O Pine Warbler*UUU
O Prairie Warbler*VRVRVR
O Palm WarblerUU
O Bay-breasted WarblerRR
O Blackpoll WarblerRR
O Cerulean Warbler*RRR
O Black-and-white Warbler*CCC
O American Redstart*CCC
O Ovenbird*CCC
O Northern Waterthrush*CCC
O Kentucky WarblerVRVR
O Mourning Warbler*RRR
O Common Yellowthroat*VCVCC
O Wilson’s WarblerRR
O Canada Warbler*RRR
O Scarlet-Tanager*UUU
O Eastern Towhee*UUU
O American Tree SparrowCCC
O Chipping Sparrow*CVCC
O Clay-colored Sparrow*UUU
O Field Sparrow*UUU
O Vesper Sparrow*UUU
O Savannah Sparrow*VCVCVC
O Grasshopper Sparrow*UUU
O Henslow’s Sparrow*VRVRVR
O Nelson’s Sharp-tailed SparrowVRVR
O Fox SparrowRRVR
O Song Sparrow*VCVCVCR
O Lincoln’s Sparrow*RRR
O Swamp Sparrow*CVCCR
O White-throated Sparrow*VCVCVCR
O White-crowned Sparrow*CC
O Dark-eyed Junco*CRCC
O Lapland LongspurRR
O Snow BuntingURU

Cardinals and Allies
O Northern Cardinal*VCVCVCC
O Rose-breasted Grosbeak*CVCC
O Indigo Bunting*CCC
O Bobolink*CVCC
O Red-winged Blackbird*VCVCVCR
O Eastern Meadowlark*VCVCVCR
O Western Meadowlark*RRR
O Rusty Blackbird*RVRR
O Brewer’s BlackbirdVRVR
O Common Grackle*VCVCVCR
O Brown-headed Cowbird*VCVCVCR
O Orchard OrioleVR
O Baltimore Oriole*VCVCC
O Pine GrosbeakRU
O Purple Finch*UCCU
O House Finch*VCVCVCC
O Red Crossbill*RRR
O White-winged Crossbill*RRRR
O Common RedpollRRU
O Hoary RedpollR
O Pine Siskin*RRRU
O American Goldfinch*VCVCVCC
O Evening Grosbeak*RRRU
Old World Sparrows
O House Sparrow*VCVCVCVC

2023 City of Kawartha Lakes Annual bird list

Species that have been confirmed breeding in the County are marked with an asterisk (*).

Seasons are divided as follows: 

Spring: March 15 to May 31 Summer: June 1 to August 15

Fall: August 16 to November 30

Winter: December 1 to March 14

+ irruptive species – not present every winter

++ only found when open water still present