Reviews & Comments

“Wholearth Farmstudio is an extremely welcoming place that hosts different types of gatherings depending on your needs. Whether you just want to come and rent a cottage or camp on the land there is peace and tranquility awaiting you. Depending on what’s available you can purchase wonderful chicken or duck eggs, all kinds of lush greens and so much more.

I will surely come back again to escape the pace of the city. It’s amazing once your mind is able to calm down and sync up with the sounds of nature how much your eternal stresses just melt away. Sometimes the best cure is just a couple hours out of the city. Just what the doctor ordered.”  Joel
“An outstanding weekend…thanks to Wholearth Farmstudio for the wonderful venue and food. We enjoyed a beautiful weekend on stunning property with warm, spring fed pond swimming, dog cuddling, sheep feeding, and horses neighing to set the scene. The food was wonderful, homemade, and home-grown.
There are a lot of amazing events out there, but I’ve never experienced or even heard about anything quite like our gathering. I feel lucky to be a part of offering an event that feels like a family reunion even when we’re making new friends, and I am struck every year by how a civil society has sprung up around it. Speakers, attendees, and organizers work together to make it happen and to improve it each year. Thanks for everyone who’s helped us keep it going for all these years. I can’t wait to see you all again next summer!”  Janice

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