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Since 2004, many friends and friends of friends have found special moments and shared many ideas at Wholearth.

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This may be of interest to those already involved in, or curious to learn more about the following areas:

drawing, printing, installation, painting, performance, photography, digital art, sculpture, sound art, music, filmmaking, video, mixed media, writing, language, animation, decorative art, textiles and material, glass, wood, metal, ceramics, mosaic, paper or other techniques, natural wellness, massage, healing trauma, neuropsychology, yoga, life balance, mindfulness, meditation, counselling, philosophy, spirituality, light therapy, equine therapy, forest therapy, nature therapy, art therapy, minimalism, essential oils, ecological farming, organic vegetable gardening, permaculture, food forests, bio-dynamics, agriforestry, regenerative farming, heirloom seeds, heritage breed livestock, heirloom potatoes, no-till gardening, organic flowers, gardening, chickens, animal husbandry, greenhouse growing, heirloom fruit trees, mushroom cultivation, nut trees, local food, organic food, traditional cooking, natural whole foods, cast iron cooking, foraging, wildcrafting, farm-to-table, plant-based diets, land stewardship, ecological restoration, environmental protection, environmental stewardship, nature conservation, wildlife preservation, protecting Ontario Species at Risk, wetland habitat, forestry, native species, wild pollinator habitat creation, homesteading, draft horses, traditional life skills, camping, carpentry, wood-working, children’s gardens, community living, forest school, aquaculture