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Let’s have an Ark-to-Art about
Saving Rare Breeds…

For many wonderful years Wholearth Farm has been growing
good food and raising beautiful rare heritage livestock.  We’ve had some
great gatherings here…workshops, festivals, conferences, seminars and feasts.

Wholearth would like to carry on saving endangered rare breeds, but also
give others in the community a place to visit, to learn, to be creative.
Our idea is to open up the farm to the public as a
Rare Breeds Farm Conservancy,
but also as an Educational Farm Centre to share knowledge about heritage
livestock, sustainable food and ecological small-scale farming, with classes
on everything from drawing piglets to photographing geese to raising
heritage chickens in your backyard.

So by taking a cool course or workshop, you help save rare breeds!

If you or your child draws a picture in our Ark-To-Art School,
it may be selected to become a saleable print that will also help animals!

Wholearth will employ youth in the community, be a local attraction
for farm visits, and bring in experts to lead workshops on various skillsets.

Won’t you give us a hand launching Wholearth in Northumberland County?

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